Pregnancy and birth

“Birth as a Journey“

If you are feeling scared and overwhelmed and searching for a deeper way to prepare for the ordeal of birth, that is more than just gathering information, this is it! This class is a journey of dynamic preparation. You will have the opportunity as a couple to connect to your inner resources: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  We will cover the basics of birth physiology; explore mindfulness, breath and movement as pain coping tools; learn about supporting a woman in labor; teach positive communication with the hospital staff; discover tools to cope with fears and facing the unknown; and honor birth as a transformative life changing event. This course is for first time parents and taught in a group or private setting. 

Upcoming classes opening in Hebrew: May 15 (4 meetings on Monday nights, 18:00-20:30), June 12 (4 meetings on Monday nights, 18:00-20:30), July 7 ( 4 meetings on Friday mornings, 10:30-13:00). There will be no classes throughout August.

Space is limited to 7 couples, and fill up fast, so you can sign up far in advance! I recommend starting the classes between weeks 25-30, if possible.

Prenatal Yoga-Chi

Do you want to feel better in pregnancy and gain confidence in your body before birth? Join me in this prenatal yoga class which integrates yoga with many other practices: chi qong, Ilan Lev, Paula Method, alignment exercises, and breathwork –  creating a fun, safe and easy way to move in pregnancy, relieve many common pregnancy pains and prepare for birth.  No previous experience is required, this is a class for women in all stages of pregnancy from week 14 on.

In person classes are currently on Wednesday 18:00-19:15, and Friday 9:00-10:15.  There is also the option to join on Zoom.  To sign up, send me a message and I will add you to the prenatal yoga whatapp group.

They take place in my clinic in Jerusalem – Balfour 11, Rehavia

Cost is 70nis per class or 250nis for 4 classes

The “Active Birth” workshop

Whether you are hoping for a natural birth, or wanting tools to cope until the epidural comes, in this class you will build yourself a practical tool box of pain coping skills. In this one session workshop for couples you will learn the movements, breathwork, touch and relaxation tools that will actually help you cope, or support a woman, in birth. Recommended before every birth, either your first or your fifth – you will come out feeling more confident. Taught in a group or private setting, for first time or once again parents.

Body and Birth Workshop

If you want to feel more connected to your body and breath before you go into the great unknown of birth, join me for this class. You will be exploring the movement and dance of labor; how to optimally use your breath in mindfulness to relax and cope; how to tap into the innate wisdom of the body through the Paula Method (sphincter exercise); finding imagery that works for you and how to use it in labor.  It’s your body that gives birth, this is your chance to connect to it. For pregnant women only.

The upcoming class will take place on April 24, 17:00-20:00

The cost for the class is 300nis and both Health Insurance, as well as hospitals, offer refunds. 


Pain does not need to be an integral part of pregnancy.  Equilibrio bodywork  incorporates massage, osteopathic and chiropractic techniques.  Equilibrio means balance, and this is the goal – to add balance to the pelvis and womb. Balance can relieve pain and also prepare the body for birth, increasing the chances of a straightforward labor.  For pregnant women from week 20 on.

Prenatal Massage

A very gentle and relaxing healing touch massage, safe for pregnancy and perfect for releasing stress (physical and emotional), as well as treating general discomforts.  For pregnant women from week 14 on.  



Postnatal Massage

Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or a dear friend? Sometimes after birth all a woman dreams of is receiving nurturing touch that will help her come back to herself and support her body in reorganizing and healing.  Integral to this session is a “closing the bones” ceremony, massage and essential oils.

Birth Story Medicine

Birth Story Medicine session (for healing birth trauma)

If you gave birth and are left with an unsettled feeling or trauma, you may benefit greatly from this one time session of Birth Story Medicine. The story of the birth may be dramatic or not so much, yet it might still be affecting you now, perhaps even years later. You cannot change what happened in the birth, but the narrative can be changed: the meaning you are giving to it.  This is the key to finding a new, more compassionate self-belief and the integration of the birth for your personal growth. 

Doula Services

I am an experienced doula of 25 years, offering loving support to women and couples during the great unknown of birth. In order to choose a doula, you should meet her first and ask her all of your questions.  I am happy to schedule this short meeting with you. 

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