Prenatal Yoga-Chi

Prenatal Yoga-Chi

Do you want to feel better in pregnancy and gain confidence in your body before birth? Join me in this prenatal yoga class which integrates yoga with many other practices: chi qong, Ilan Lev, Paula Method, alignment exercises, and breathwork -  creating a fun, safe and easy way to move in pregnancy, relieve many common pregnancy pains and prepare for birth.  No previous experience is required, this is a class for women in all stages of pregnancy from week 14 on.

In person classes are currently on Wednesday 18:00-19:15, and Friday 9:00-10:15.  There is also the option to join on Zoom.  To sign up, send me a message and I will add you to the prenatal yoga whatapp group.

They take place in my clinic in Jerusalem - Balfour 11, Rehavia

Cost is 70nis per class or 250nis for 4 classes

It’s well-known that yoga can help prepare you for birth.  The huge majority of the women who come to my prenatal yoga class have never practiced yoga before - the pregnancy was the motivating factor to start. This is also how I started my yoga practice, with my first pregnancy 28 years ago.  There was no prenatal yoga class back then, but I found a wonderful teacher in Jerusalem, Chana Bachor z’l, who gave me personal guidance throughout my pregnancy.  This taught me first hand how the guidance, encouragement and wisdom of a teacher in this period in a woman’s life can have a huge positive impact on her, literally changing her experience of pregnancy.  By the time I gave birth to my third child, I was already a doula, and Chana encouraged me to open my own prenatal class and continued to mentor me in the first few years of my teaching. I had found my calling.  


During my 20  years of teaching, I have really come to understand just how important this practice is for pregnant women.  It allows the mom time to listen and connect to her changing body and to bond with her growing baby. She will start embodying movement for birth and   learn to use her breath as a grounding and relaxing tool.  Yoga can dramatically decrease the pains of pregnancy therefore making the whole experience much more enjoyable and empowering. Yet, I find practicing yoga brings even more subtle gifts - having the time to tune-in intuitively to your pregnant self and develop self-care awareness; to take the time to relax and release the stress of everyday life and pregnancy or the worries about the upcoming birth; to stretch and move and feel strong and healthy; to hone the practice of self-compassion while listening to your body.  


Although regular yoga practice will not guarantee a quick and easy birth, it will be a guide and profound tool for you during birth.  It teaches a trust of the body, and of your instincts.  It teaches an inner flexibility which guides you to give birth in flow, helping you to cope with whatever is unfolding.  It teaches you to soften and release tension and this is hugely effective in labor, literally lessening the pain.


Over the years my prenatal yoga class has changed and evolved, as my own personal practice has moved beyond yoga and includes many forms of bodywork and movement. I have studied bellydance for over 30 years, chi-qong for 15 years, as well as pilates, alignment exercise,  the Ilan Lev Bodywork Method, and Paula (sphincter exercise). All of these things have become an integral part of my classes. This is why I call my class Yoga Plus - it combines the best of all worlds. After many years of teaching, it is still my passion to support women in their journey as they learn to slow down, listen to their bodies and tune into themselves.

 70 nis per class or 250 nis for four classes.

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