Pain does not need to be an integral part of pregnancy.  Equilibrio bodywork  incorporates massage, osteopathic and chiropractic techniques.  Equilibrio means balance, and this is the goal - to add balance to the pelvis and womb. Balance can relieve pain and also prepare the body for birth, increasing the chances of a straightforward labor.  For pregnant women from week 20 on.

Equilibrio bodywork for pregnancy is a blend of gentle bodywork techniques which include massage therapy, osteopathic techniques, and alignment exercises.  The primary focus of the session is to add more balance to the pelvis and uterus. Adding balance allows the body to realign itself and this will release the pain. Adding balance in the uterus adds space for the baby to move (also relieving the mother’s discomforts)  and allows him/her to choose an ideal position for birth. Equilibrio bodywork can have a positive impact both on the pregnancy and on the birth.

Equilibrio was developed from the school of “Spinning Babies” and begins with Spinning Babies exercises for womb balance (which are taught with the intention that the woman will continue doing them at home). These are followed by a gentle and relaxing full body massage which focuses on muscles that influence the alignment of the pelvis. Also integral to the session are specific ligament and muscular releases around the pelvis, diaphragm  and uterus itself. 

Equilibrio is recommended from week 20, until birth. Often  1-2 sessions are enough to ease many discomforts: lower back, shoulders, rib and pelvic pain; pubic symphysis, sciatica and hip pain; difficulty breathing and sleeping; and stress.  If the baby is in breech position, it is recommended to do a session already at week 30 in order to bring more room in the womb so that the baby can turn. But even in later weeks it often helps turn a breech baby head down, or allows for an easy ECV (where the doctor manually turns the breech baby).  At week 38 it is recommended for all women to come for a session to help prepare the body for birth - adding balance is a physical way to possibly influence the birth itself. We do not have control in birth, but we do have influence.

Equilibrio adds more ease in pregnancy and birth. 


one session, 650 nis (an hour and 45 minutes)

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