Birth Story Medicine

Birth Story Medicine

Birth Story Medicine session (for healing birth trauma)

If you gave birth and are left with an unsettled feeling or trauma, you may benefit greatly from this one time session of Birth Story Medicine. The story of the birth may be dramatic or not so much, yet it might still be affecting you now, perhaps even years later. You cannot change what happened in the birth, but the narrative can be changed: the meaning you are giving to it.  This is the key to finding a new, more compassionate self-belief and the integration of the birth for your personal growth. 

No matter how much you prepare for the ordeal of birth, there will almost always be something that will surprise you.  This is integral to the experience itself, and cannot be avoided. It may be a dramatic moment, it may be a quiet and very personal moment that no one else even noticed was happening to you … but often times the difference between what you imagined (about birth, about your support people, about your body, about yourself) and what you feel actually happened, in that rift sits trauma.  The expectations and the reality are in dissonance. This can cause difficult feelings about the birth and may even continue to impact on how you feel about your mothering. 

Many women experience birth trauma.  Nothing can be changed about what actually happened, it already happened.  But the meaning you attach to what happened can be softened into a more compassionate narrative.  This is what we do in a Birth Story Medicine session.  We reexamine the story and dig deep until we unearth the wounded place that really needs healing:  where we hold a negative self belief.  This can potentially be healed, and oftentimes huge changes can occur in our lives as a result.  


One and a half hour session, 480 nis


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