Body and Birth Workshop

Body and Birth Workshop

If you want to feel more connected to your body and breath before you go into the great unknown of birth, join me for this class. You will be exploring the movement and dance of labor; how to optimally use your breath in mindfulness to relax and cope; how to tap into the innate wisdom of the body through the Paula Method (sphincter exercise); finding imagery that works for you and how to use it in labor.  It's your body that gives birth, this is your chance to connect to it. For pregnant women only.

The upcoming class will take place on April 24, 17:00-20:00

The cost for the class is 300nis and both Health Insurance, as well as hospitals, offer refunds. 

A four session series where you delve deep into embodying movement and breath as you prepare yourself for birth. In childbirth preparation classes, couples are taught many ways to cope in labor - moving and breathing are the classics.  But to really take the time to embody these timeless tools is a way to deeply prepare. In the first meeting you will be exploring the dance of labor:  the many different positions you can try, what your body likes best, what imagery comes up for you while practicing now and later can be used in birth itself. We will have a full meeting just on breath:  first of all, just to explore your breath, then how to optimally use your breath to relax and cope.  How breath affects us and what kind of breathing works best in the different stages of labor. Next there is a meeting on how to tap into the innate wisdom of the body through the Paula Method (sphincter exercise). This is a well of body knowledge and to explore it is a gift for life.  We can use so many different sphincters in our body in order to facilitate the mechanism of self healing and self regulation that the body innately knows.  The uterus and pelvic floor are sphincter muscles and we can tune into this mechanism to help us in birth. The last session allows time to delve into the world of deep relaxation, mindfulness, imagery and how to integrate all these wonderful tools together into a full embodied experience.  For pregnant women only.


Four meetings of 75 minutes each.  420nis.

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