“Birth as a Journey“

“Birth as a Journey“

If you are feeling scared and overwhelmed and searching for a deeper way to prepare for the ordeal of birth, that is more than just gathering information, this is it! This class is a journey of dynamic preparation. You will have the opportunity as a couple to connect to your inner resources: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  We will cover the basics of birth physiology; explore mindfulness, breath and movement as pain coping tools; learn about supporting a woman in labor; teach positive communication with the hospital staff; discover tools to cope with fears and facing the unknown; and honor birth as a transformative life changing event. This course is for first time parents and taught in a group or private setting. 

Upcoming classes opening in Hebrew: May 15 (4 meetings on Monday nights, 18:00-20:30), June 12 (4 meetings on Monday nights, 18:00-20:30), July 7 ( 4 meetings on Friday mornings, 10:30-13:00). There will be no classes throughout August.

Space is limited to 7 couples, and fill up fast, so you can sign up far in advance! I recommend starting the classes between weeks 25-30, if possible.

 “Birth as a Journey” Childbirth Preparation


“Birth as a Journey “ is the original well loved and well known childbirth classes from “Parparim Babeten”. This couples class is a holistic preparation of the body and mind for birth. Before going into the unknown territory of birth, couples seek out information and knowledge: of what a normal physiology of birth looks like and how we can best prepare for this, of medical statistics and interventions and how to avoid it… Before birth, gathering information gives us a sense of control. But birth cannot be controlled. So a deeper “knowing” is necessary.

When we enter the realm of  birth, our intellect, or neocortex, is not the most active part of our brain.  In birth, we move into a more primitive and intuitive realm, our mammalian brains turn on. We move into a trance, and now we need other tools to cope, because information will no longer be enough to help us through the ordeal.   In order to really prepare for the birth, we should explore and learn to rely on parts of ourselves beyond the intellect.  

The more we understand ourselves before birth, the more we can rely on our intuition and inner resources.  When you go into labor, you are entering into the journey of birth with all of YOU.  All that you know about birth, about mothering, about pain and coping with pain, about facing the unknown, about the experience of not having control, all of your life experiences and your self beliefs that have made you who you are now - all this comes with you when you give birth. You already have coping tools, let's just organize the toolbox. The more we know ourselves, the more we know what is going to help us in our journey.  The more we can let go of agendas before going into birth, the more we are free to do what is best for us in the moment.  

“Birth as a Journey” is not made of lectures and powerpoint, it is made of people who ask and share and explore together.  Every meeting is a blend of practical information, pain coping tools and a deeper, emotional preparation. In this course we will also explore: the basics of birth physiology, labor’s trance and embodying pain coping tools (both physical and mental tools) that help you there, supporting a woman in labor, positive communication with the hospital staff, coping with the unknown, your birth as a parent, and honoring birth as a transformative life changing event.  The course is a weaving of the outer knowing with your inner knowing.  There are lively discussions full of practical information, learning to recognize and release agendas, ancient maps for finding your way in the unknown, storytelling, breathing, and moving. This course is taught in a group or private setting. For first time parents in group or private sessions.


1000nis per couple for group class, 2000nis per couple for private class

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