Ilan Lev Method

The Ilan Lev Method is unlike anything else you may have experienced in a bodywork session. It is a celebration of movement which helps the body relax and reorganize, releasing stress and pain. Originating from Feldenkrais technique, this unique bodywork form uses passive movement and touch to teach the mind/body to deeply relax, reorganize and let go of pain.  For men and women.

The Ilan Lev Method is bodywork based on touch and passive movement.  It is gentle, yet powerful and has an element of surprise and renewal.  The practitioner brings movement from her body and allows it, through touch, to flow into the client's body.  The experience is exciting and refreshing. It allows the body’s own innate wisdom to take in the new information and use it to self heal. 

The body has repeated patterns that we have learned since a very young age.  As we grow, most people move less, or when they do move, it may be very limited patterns of movement that are endlessly repeated over the years.  This can cause pain.  And when we add the stress of daily life, even more the body reacts by contracting into its patterns and constricting the flow of energy that is our natural state of being.  When we have been “stuck” in our patterns and lifestyles for many years into adulthood, we may be repeating the patterns that do not serve us in the long run, and without having the opportunity to change and release. 

Ilan Lev Bodywork is exactly this opportunity. It uses touch and movement to regulate the nervous system, to allow the body to reorganize itself by releasing holding patterns, and by actually confusing the mind and body as one - this allows for a deep shift and for something new to be discovered.  A common reaction to a session is “WOW!!!  That was a trip!” It's not an out of body experience, it's the exact opposite but with the same feeling of awe and mental clarity.  

For people who have a hard time relaxing the body and letting go, doing several sessions can be a way to rewire the mind/body connection and to learn to release.  For people who come because of pain, it's the same thing.  Pain is our body holding tension, for whatever reason.  We can work with the pain, to unblock the energy that is tangled up and allow for a new flow to change the pain pattern.  This treatment is a celebration for the body and mind as one.


One hour session, 350 nis

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